Monday, 9 May 2011

Scotland that I saw

SUMMER a long awaiting SUMMER of England. Thanks to Sunny, Sri, Ashish on insisting for a Trip on the long weekend.

It was a 4 days trip all set to go but not planned for a single thing. 2 weeks to go... Started planning for places and means of transport in Scotland.

After 2 days of discussion we zeroed upon places to visit, Booked places to stay, and mode of transport.

Here we go ...

April 21 April,

Started from Slough @ 22:30hrs and reached Edinburgh @ 07:00hrs. Mode of transport National Couch Express details ( @ £44 / Person) .
Long journey ... But enjoyed the sunrise, scenic view of the farms, and there I was in Scotland Land of the Brave Hearts.

April 22 April,

Youth Hostel Edinburgh (Address: Edinburgh Central, 9 Haddington Place, EH7 4AL18
Tel. 0131 524 2090 @ £25 / Person) Got ready had a cup of hot tea and breakfast to start the day.

Places of visit, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle ( Note: If you are there any day but Sunday you will see (and hear) the 1 o’clock gun (cannon) go off.), Scott Monument, Murder n Mystery walking tour ( although we missed this and opted for a Disc.

All tired went back to the hostel to get up early that morning.

How can I miss my birthday bash rather Birthday bums from the team.

April 23 April,

All set and headed for Stirling Castle. Whether was cloudy and it rained too.

After a quick visit at Stirling we headed towards Ben Nevis our major attraction of the day. For people who have not hared of it, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom and the whole of the British Isles.

How to go there ?
Nevis Range is located 7 miles north of Fort William, on the A82 to Inverness. It is extremely well signposted, and the access road to Nevis Range is a tarmac road; if you turn into a track, then you are on the wrong road. Its postcode is PH33 6SQ, however this is a new postcode, so please be are aware that it takes time for all the Sat Navs to account for this new information. The old postcode directed Sat Nav users to a small car park in Leanachan forest, causing considerable confusion! If you are driving, I recommend watching the traditional brown tourist signposting.

Make sure you are there between 9:00hrs and 16:00hrs as the last gondola is at 17:00hrs.

After feeling the breath taking rainbow and view from the mountain top we headed for Portree (Isle of Skye).

April 24 April,

The team still with full enthusiasm was in the bus by 8:15hrs and we were all set to go to the end of National Highway "UIG" a small town. Rain Poured on and on making us run to the bus just to speed us to Lochness the most beautiful place in Scotland. For the Fans of Harry Potter here is the place for you to see. This is where the movie was shot. We went all the way to Inverness to take the "Jacobite Cruise" to "Uiquhart Castle". I recommend you better take the cruise from "Lochness" rather than the 3hr cruise from Inverness.

After the wonderful drive on the water with a great history of the valley we headed towards Aviemore Scottish Youth Hostel(My favourite).

April 25 April,

I was just praying for the whether to be fine this day as it was my favourite place and most interesting event Trekking !!! Got up at 6:15hrs check the weather. To my luck all bright and sunny :). Got ready and all set for a Trek to the hill right behind the youth hostel. After an Hour of slow walk and photography we had reached the peak.

Returned back with hunger, eat and got ready for our next spot "Pitlochry" a small beautiful village.

Also visited "Bell’s Blair Athol Distillery" on the way back just to taste the Scottish Whiskey.

Headed back to Scotland roamed around as we still had 3 hours for our couch to head back home.

My Special Thanks to Drew Cosgrove for providing all the information, Anubhav & Srivarna for arranging the stay, Sunny for account management and rest of the team for making this trip a memorable one.

I can never forget Scotland and the hospitality of the Scottish. As beautiful it is so good are the people.